Maine Forms An Advisory Committee For Autonomous Cars

Autonomous vehicles are coming, and the State of Maine has decided to do something about it. Maine Gov. Paul LePage enacted an executive order forming the Maine Highly Automated Vehicles Advisory Committee, a group that will consist of 11 to 15 senior government officials that will explore the need for new policies and regulations.

The committee is charged with overseeing “beneficial introduction” of autonomous vehicle technology and assessing, developing and implementing recommendations on pilot projects.

The order will ensure coordination in addressing legal & policy issues as well as infrastructure needs related to automated vehicles

– Gov. Paul LePage, Maine.

The order heightens the state’s governance around the new technology by instating a new requirement where any municipality that develops, tests, or operates a pilot program should submit a report to the legislature’s joint standing committee by Dec. 1, 2021.

Maine Forms An Advisory Committee For Autonomous Cars


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