Las Vegas Gets Its First Self Driving Shuttle For Public Roads

The residents and visitors of Las Vegas will now get a chance to hop on the country’s first autonomous shuttle to operate on public roads, thanks to a partnership with AAA. The EasyMile shuttle has been trolling the San Ramon office park since March, but has been picking up passengers on an invite-only basis.
The shuttle, received its approval from the federal government early last month to drive on public roads, but it’s still waiting on the California DMV to give the final green light. Contra Costa Transportation Authority, has partnered with the Bishop Ranch to pilot this shuttle.

What’s happening now with autonomous vehicles, it’s no secret that cars are changing, mobility is changing, how people view transportation is changing. So, we wanted to be at the forefront of that, similar to where we were 100 years ago when the car was coming around…

– John Moreno, a spokesman for AAA Northern California
Meanwhile, AAA’s Northern California chapter, which also includes Nevada and Utah, will kick off its one-year pilot program on Wednesday with the hopes of getting at least 250,000 passengers to hop on board Las Vegas’ eight-person shuttle within a short period of 12 months.
Las Vegas Gets Its First Self Driving Shuttle For Public Roads


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