Insurance Industry Lays Out Framework For Driverless Car Cover

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) defined a clear distinction between highly assisted and fully autonomous cars. Following the updated Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill, the ABI has laid out 10 different criteria, which establish the minimum requirement of an automated car, to be recognised by the Government and used by insurers.
According to the ABI, a “truly automated vehicle” adheres to the following:
1. Naming: automated capability is clearly described
2. Law-abiding: complies with UK traffic laws and the Highway Code
3. Location-specific: functionality is limited to specific types of roads or areas via geo-fencing
4. Clear handover: transfer of driving control follows a clear ‘offer and confirm’ process
5. Safe driving: vehicle can manage all reasonably expected situations by itself
6. Unanticipated handover: adequate and appropriate notice must be given if the vehicle needs to unexpectedly hand back driving control
7. Safe stop: vehicle executes an appropriate ‘safe stop’ if unable to continue or the driver does not take back control
8. Emergency intervention: vehicles can avoid or prevent an accident by responding to an emergency
9. Back-up systems: safeguards will step in if any systems fail
10. Accident data: records and reports what systems were in use at the time of an accident
The committee believes that, there are wide number of opportunities in the fast emerging market of autonomous cars for those who are best prepared.
Insurance Industry Lays Out Framework For Driverless Car Cover



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