Intel Proposes A System to Make Self-Driving Cars Blameless In Accidents

  • The chipmaker wants to use mathematical formulas to ensure driverless cars are free of blame in the event of a collision
  • Company wants to speed adoption of autonomous technology

Intel Corp. has successfully created a system that it believes will avert self-driving vehicles from causing accidents where they are at fault. This development is a part of the initiative taken by Intel, to reassure the unprecedented public and help speed adoption of driverless cars on the road.
The company is establishing a set of standards based on mathematical formulas, that will govern the behavior of robot cars and trucks. If they’re adopted, Intel believes that, it will bring certainty to questions of liability and blame in the event of an accident.

One thing that is clear is that the public is going to be a lot less forgiving of accidents that are caused by machines.

– Dan Galves, VP Mobileye
With car manufacturers, suppliers and companies such as Uber and Alphabet’s Waymo conducting on-the-road tests, it is a common talk in the market that big shots like Intel and its rivals should get the industry to move beyond trials and into production. It is only then, can they get a return on the large sums of money that they are investing into R&D. Intel is also trying to come up with a framework that will help prevent the potential chaos of putting machine-driven vehicles and those driven/controlled by unpredictable humans on the road at the same time – this is a necessary step while keeping the future in mind; where steering wheels will become obsolete.
Intel Proposes System to Make Self-Driving Cars Blameless


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