Course: How to Open an Etsy Shop Like a Professional Seller 

A fast-track course on How to launch an Etsy shop in 2023 and sell like a PRO. >

What do you get in this course?

  • Course Workbook
  • A check list that you can use to evaluate your current strategy.
  • Lifetime access
  • Complete step by step best practice to build a thriving Etsy business.

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You will also get a 📝 FREE ETSY SEO SOP checklist from LaunchToast.

Here’s how to get it.

After you sign up, please reach out to us with the email you used to sign up and we’ll send you the ETSY SEO SOP.

It’s not good enough to just OPEN an Etsy store, you have to LAUNCH it!

Course instructor Tiffany Emery offers her expertise in building a 7-figure store. Through this course, she shares her step-by-step approach and best practices.
If you’re wondering,‘ how to launch your creative business on Etsy ‘, this is the course you will have to take.

Recommended by Skillshare as part of the original series, she teaches everything from creating a marketable product to branding and her secret recipe for coming up with pricing. Throughout the course, Tiffany walks you through the ins & outs of how to find success on the Etsy platform. 

Tiffany delves deep into these topics which are key to launching your store on Etsy.

👉Etsy Algorithm – Step by step process that attracts shoppers to your store on Etsy.

👉 Benefits of Launching – Why a delay or slow launch can be detrimental to your success.

👉 The Rules of Etsy Engagement – How to design a great engaging shopping experience for your shoppers on Etsy. When you design a complete product experience on your store, it helps you sell better. The idea behind that is that engaged customers buy when they are familiar with a product.

👉 How to Set up Your Shop – This course for example shows you how to set up an Etsy store and create your first listing. Tiffany walks you through the process.

Follow along in your Pre-Launch Workbook, where you’ll learn exactly where to focus for your best chance at Etsy success! After you complete this class, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful online business on Etsy with an actionable punch list to get it done. 

Some of the course highlights that you shouldn’t miss are:

* 6 Rules of Etsy Engagement
* Write Descriptions that eliminate Questions
* Understand Search & Research SEO
* Take Scroll Stopping Photography

Note: Courses start at $0 if you’re signing up for the first time. Prices and offer depend on your location. Sign up through the link to get the offer.

How to get the 📝 FREE ETSY SEO SOP?

  • Once you’ve signed up through the link, activate / purchase the course.
  • After you have done that, send us a mail on: [email protected] from the registered email address. We’ll send you the FREE ETSY SEO SOP.


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