Ford and Domino's are joining hands to test pizza delivery using autonomous cars

Ford and Domino’s will be testing pizza delivery using Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous vehicles in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In the coming weeks, random customers of Domino’s will be selected to experience this new way of ordering and delivery of pizzas. This car though autonomous will have a Ford Research Engineer driving it with other researchers on-board. This test will help Ford get information on customer interaction and feedback on the new tech.
The customers will order pizzas through their Domino’s mobile app and get it delivered at their place. The customer will unlock the ‘Heatwave Compartment'(that keeps pizzas warm) at the back of the vehicle using a unique code that contains the last four digits of the customer’s mobile number. The vehicle has speakers and a touchscreen installed on the exterior for communication with the customers.

Image source/Credit: theverge . com

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