Crypto-Tourism Is The Latest Attraction For Global Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

With a surge in the number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who became rich in the recent boom in the market, a number of tourism companies specially catering to them have cropped up. Cruises across the Mediterranean and in the beautiful valleys of Swiss Alps have already been sold out. Blockchain Cruises, organised by Scotland-based CoinsBanks have already organised two successful cruises where the crypto-enthusiasts partied hard. A third is planned for September.
During the third cruise, the company plans conferences, exhibition and panel talks which will feature 100+ speakers including infamous crypto-promoter John McAfee, founder of BTCC exchange Bobby Lee and bitcoin cash advocate Roger Ver. The five-day trip will take expected 2500 guests from Barcelona to Monaco to Ibiza and then back to Barcelona. The tickets are in the range of 1,000 euros to 3,000 euros.
Similarly, Crypto Explorers organise trips in the “Crypto Valley” which is basically Central Switzerland. The trips are business focussed with a number of meetings “with Crypto Valley-based entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, government officials, and businesspeople who are on the cutting edge of crypto-innovation” and networking opportunities. The tour is apparently not open for everyone as the company organising the tour screen applicants to “curate an experience in which you participate, meeting top thought leaders and engaging in lots of peer-to-peer exchange with other curious, energetic and knowledgeable participants.”


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