Chinese Startup TuSimple To Launch Its Driverless Trucks By 2018

With TuSimple’s phenomenal financial backing, the Chinese Startup is aiming a certain disruption in the Driverless Truck Market. The company plans to test its fleet of self-driving trucks in Arizona and Shanghai in 2018, thereby leading to its commercial worldwide launch by 2019. With existing competition from Tesla, Uber, and Waymo- The company is focusing on being a standout with its supreme technology and effective influence.
To test its actual performance, TuSimple is focused on introducing about 60 to 100 specially-retrofitted big rig trucks on Arizona roads. Each will have three radars, 10 cameras, and a control system that analyzes traffic conditions in real time. One of their trucks have already completed a 200-mile Level 4 test drive between Yuma, Arizona and San Diego in June. Level 4 vehicles can drive themselves in almost any setting and will safely stop if they request the human driver to take over and get no response.
Autonomous commercial trucks could lower logistics costs by 40 percent in the US and 25 percent in China, primarily because neither food nor rest would be needed, and also because of increased fuel efficiency. TuSimple’s major objective is to transform the way we send, deliver, and receive commercial goods in the future.
Chinese Startup TuSimple To Launch Its Driverless Trucks By 2018



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