California Witnesses 6 Self Driving GM Car Accidents In The Last Month

GMs’ Cruise Automation Division revealed that as many as 6 of their Self Driving Cars were involved in an accident over the course of the last month (September). Although, the division claimed that none of their cars were at fault. The specifics of the accident were that, the accidents did not result in any injuries or other serious vehicle damage.
With strict orders from the Californian regulators, all self-driving car companies are to now document and report any crashes on the public roads to the concerned authorities. Such disclosures reveal that self-driving cars aren’t immune to accidents—especially when they share the road with human drivers. Along with the six crashes reported for September, Cruise’s autonomous Chevrolet Bolt EV electric cars have been involved in 13 crashes across California so far this year. Waymo’s self-driving cars have been involved in three crashes on California roads.
Now irresponsible human car drivers are just a part of the problem. In a certain incident, an intoxicated cyclist going the wrong way hit the car and caused some minor damage while grabbing one of the car’s sensors.
Cruise claims its new generation of autonomous Bolt EVs is ready for mass production, but these accidents show that unpredictable human drivers (and cyclists) still present a problem for self-driving cars. An autonomous car may follow the rules all the time, but that doesn’t mean the cars around it will do the same.
California Witnesses 6 Self Driving GM Car Accidents In The Last Month


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