Can The Concept Of Self Driving Cars Disrupt The Entire Automobile Industry?

The growth exhibited by Self Driving / Autonomous cars over the last couple of years have been phenomenal. Despite all of which, there seems to be an anomaly which goes by- But has it got enough to disrupt the entire an industry; that has relatively invested trillions of dollars over the years to stand where they are now?
The belief is that, they do have the potential to disrupt several vehicle-related industries. And so, here are a couple of ways they might shake things up:
Shifting vehicle ownership – People don’t use their cars very much—most of them are parked 95 percent of the day. So why own your car when you can summon one with an app? Sharing self-driving cars could save money for people who are no longer interested in buying a car, because of which there would be fewer cars on the road & less congestion.
Wheels for those who need them – Being able to push a button and summon an autonomous car will also open doors for many people who cannot drive cars themselves: teenagers; people who are sick; those who have lost their license; and the elderly among them. They will also help shuttle people to doctor’s appointments, allowing them to receive care, which could in turn reduce medical costs.
Transporting freight and people – Trucking is one of the best opportunities to apply self-driving technology. A lot of the time spent driving is along freeways in relatively straight lines where we already have the technologies to do a relatively good job of that. Although, there is still a need for humans to be present, whether it is for loading and unloading freight on trucks or ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers on buses.
Safety first – In 2016, more than 40,000 people died in motor vehicle accidents. Self-driving cars, though, could reduce that number—data shows that Teslas with Autopilot activated were 40 percent less likely to be involved in a crash.
Can The Concept Of Self Driving Cars Disrupt The Entire Automobile Industry?


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