Brits Say They Would Spend Time Commuting In Driverless Cars Having Sex

With the recent developments, it is only a matter of time before driverless cars are out on our roads. How this can potentially change everything around us, requires deeper understanding and more research. A recently conducted survey highlighted what people intend to do while commuting in these cars.

The survey was conducted by within a group of 2000 UK motorists who commute to work and back on a regular basis. The results came out to be quiet fascinating wherein, as many as 200 people said they would prefer to have sex while commuting in an autonomous car. Majority of this bunch hailed from London as they openly admitted to getting on with it.

While more than a quarter of respondents said they would use the extra time to catch up on work and emails, a significant percentage of Brits (28%) said they would spend it reading. Some (24%) of motorists said they would use their time to catch up on TV shows online. Other time pass activities include playing video games. A meaningful 16% revealed they would rather prefer to learn a new language during this period – a pretty respectable endeavor.

Brits Say They Would Spend Time Commuting In Driverless Cars Having Sex

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