Daimler Taking A Slow And Cautious Approach Towards Autonomous Cars

In the race to bring autonomous vehicles to market, Daimler’s approach appears more like a marathoner than a sprinter. Although seen as one of the leaders in autonomous-vehicle development in its work with supplier Bosch, the German automaker is taking a realistic – if not cautious view of the future amid all the hype.
“I’ve seen a lot of announcements in this industry in this area in particular, and ultimately we’ll have to judge based on facts,” Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche says when asked who will win the race to market with driverless cars. While Zetsche believes Daimler’s plans are ambitious, he says the technology still isn’t fully formulated, and once it is it still will need to find an audience to be viable.

We are confident we will develop (the technology) according to our plans, They are ambitious (plans), and we think we are well-positioned.

– Dieter Zetsche, Daimler CEO.
Zetsche describes a two-pronged strategy at Daimler, with plans for steady, step-by-step advancement in driver-assistance technology to be rolled out on its mainstream models, creating a foundational building block for autonomous vehicles even as more experimental work continues on fully driverless cars, mostly for limited fleet use.
Daimler Taking A Slow And Cautious Approach Towards Autonomous Cars


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