Waymo Completes 4 Million Self Driven Miles

With a vision to innovate and change the face of mobility, Waymo continues to break barriers and press its lead in terms of actual miles driven on roads. The project which started off as a part of Google’s Self Driving Initiative, has been around for over a decade and now has 4 million miles driven autonomously on roads.
That 4 million miles represents the self-driving effort of Waymo’s entire test fleet, covering its original autonomous vehicles all the way up to its current driverless Chrysler Pacifica minivans, which are actually now testing on Arizona public roads, right alongside everyday human drivers, with no safety driver behind the wheel at all.
The pace of Waymo’s accumulation of distance driven is ramping up: It managed to gain 1 million miles between just May and November of this year, when it took the company six years to rack up its first million, by comparison. This excludes the 2.5 billion miles that Waymo has “driven” virtually in simulation, and its private testing time on its Castle facility track.
Waymo Completes 4 Million Self Driven Miles


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