Uber: All Set To Launch Their Next Generation Autonomous Cars

Uber’s next generation of self-driving cars could be on the road as early as the end of this year. The first version of these vehicles made their debut in Pittsburgh in 2016 and have been picking up passengers ever since. The second generation of its autonomous vehicles is being developed on Uber’s test track.
The second generation is an advancement that is a step closer to having no vehicle operators. Some of the more immediate changes, which will be incorporated into the third generation of autonomous vehicles, are not easily visible. One of those improvements is a higher resolution set of cameras which are also strapped with a better cleaning system during inclement weather conditions.
The existing models have limited trunk space that’s shared with computer equipment, but the new version will give passengers the full trunk space of the vehicle. For now, Uber’s newest release will not change the passenger experience too much. Although, Uber claims its vision is to a set up a completely autonomous car, that has been their primary objective from day one.
Uber: All Set To Launch Their Next Generation Autonomous Cars


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