Two Professors Come Together To Intensify Autonomous Car Research

Two Professors, Raghvendra Cowlagi and Alex Wyglinski are working on an NSF-funded project that is bringing together Cowlagi’s study of decision making for autonomous cars and Wyglinski’s study of wireless communications to create a network of self-driving cars that can share information about everything from traffic congestion to icy road conditions and accidents snarling traffic ahead. The two researchers want to enable self-driving cars to be more reliable and safer, whether they’re driving on a rural back road, on a busy city street, or in heavy traffic on a highway.
Wyglinski, who is president of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, is trying to increase interest in uniting both the areas of research by helping coordinate the Connected and Automated Vehicles Summit in Santa Clara, California. The summit, an industry-focused event, will bring together companies, like Nissan and Toyota, to focus on creating networks of autonomous cars.

We’re connecting the automotive world. This is actually a collaboration between the vehicular society and the communication society.

– Alexander Wyglinski.
While WPI has researchers working on other aspects of autonomy, (self-operating underwater vehicles, automotive cybersecurity, and self-driving controls), Cowlagi and Wyglinski’s team effort is taking them in a new, and largely unexplored, area.
Two Professors Come Together To Intensify Autonomous Car Research


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