Top 10 Solidity tutorials

The world of blockchain may look like too many cryptic roads without any clear way forward. One of the many platforms which are gaining popularity both due to its cryptocurrency ether and due to its platform, ethereum, the ethereum organisation is gaining the bulk of blockchain decentralised application market. For a new developer who is interested in transitioning into blockchain developer and focus on building decentralised applications or Dapps, they have to first learn solidity language. Solidity is a programming language which is similar to javascript is an essential requirement for an ethereum developer. It is a programming language to build smart contracts.

Here is our list of best solidity tutorials available right now:
1) Solidity Programming Essentials: A beginner’s guide to build smart contracts for ethereum
It is a book written by Ritesh Modi who has been an author of a number of books related to software development. The book guides on how to start using solidity programming language within no time. The book also highlights the reader on how to build ethereum smart contracts and use solidity as your scripting language. The book also guides on how to test and deploy smart contracts in your private blockchain.

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2) Introducing Ethereum and Solidity: Foundations of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Programming for Beginners
This book is written by Chris Dannen the nuances of how to build ethereum based applications through solidity language. As blockchain based projects are being built all over the world, ethereum stands as an important avenue to build projects as ethereum uses solidity which is a turing complete language (ability to solve computational problems within itself). The requirement to learn solidity has never been high. This book answers the need by teaching fundamentals of programming and networking and giving a highlight of crypto-economics.

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3) Developing Ethereum Smart Contracts for Beginners
This is an online tutorial which is available freely. The tutorial teaches how to code your very own ethereum smart contract from scratch. The course teaches basics of solidity through building simple smart contract project in ethereum virtual machine. The course highlights how smart contracts could be used to be utilised in blockchain for different use cases. The tutorial requires a basic understanding of HTML and CSS and understanding of basics of javascript.

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4) Compile Your First Ethereum Smart Contract With Solidity
This udemy course focuses on teaching students the basics to set up a private blockchain node using Geth, Solidity and Mist. The course aims at setting up a private blockchain for testing and compiling a basic smart contract using solidity. The tutorial does not cover solidity in- depth but gives a basic understanding of it.  This is a good tutorial for anyone interested in learning solidity programming in setting up the environment, compiling and interacting with the contract and with a background knowledge of command line.

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5) Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide
This is an udemy tutorial which focuses on developing production-ready apps based on blockchain using solidity programing language. The course teaches how to design smart contracts and testing and deploying them. The course also shows practical examples for new developers who are interested in blockchain and mining can easily understand them.

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6) Learn Solidity: Programming Language for Smart Contracts
It is one of the most top rated udemy courses which focuses on teaching thorough understanding solidity and mastering smart contract programming through solidity. The tutorial guides through a hands project to develop ethereum smart contracts using solidity. The tutorial also highlights using the basics and advanced features of solidity and ethereum virtual machine. The tutorial teaches students on how to develop their own decentralised blockchain applications.

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7) Dapps for Beginners
This website is building contents for the new developers who are interested in ethereum and developing applications in ethereum. The website gives a thorough understanding and basics of solidity. It also has various materials related to developing ethereum based decentralised applications.

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8) Learn X in Y minutes
This website teaches beginners and enthusiasts who have no previous experience in blockchain based technology and are curious about it. It offers a guide which gives a thorough basic understanding of solidity and its various terminologies.

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9) Solidity Introduction
It is a first blockchain based educational platform which offers tutorials on subjects such as blockchain, etc. Bitdegree offers a solidity introduction course which gives its first-time blockchain developers a clear understanding about blockchain and solidity and its application in ethereum virtual machine. The course also focuses on how solidity is influenced by Python, C++ and javascript. It showcases how new developers can work with blockchain applications.

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10) Learn Solidity: The Ultimate Solidity Course To Kickstart Your Career
This is a hands-on course offered by bitdegree about learning by doing the solidity programming language exercises. The course focuses on teaching students how to learn and program smart contracts. The course offers users to master solidity language and be able to thoroughly program smart contracts.

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