Top Ten Job Requirements to become a Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is considered to be the next internet. The power of blockchain’s disruptive technology is just being scratched and its potential for the future is still yet to be fathomed.
Did you know? Blockchain basically is a decentralised ledger which timestamps an immutable data. Its immutability precisely because of the fact that data which is stored in form Hash is stored at multiple locations which cannot be manipulated by a single user easily. This makes blockchain data safe yet trustworthy due to its inherent safety mechanism. Blockchain became popular as the technology behind the bitcoin. Now blockchain is disrupting every industry in the market. This lead to a popularity of blockchain developers. Blockchain being a relatively new technology, there is a scarcity of blockchain developers. There is a huge number of vacancies related to blockchain developers in established companies as well as well funded startups.

We here at levelten combined a list of job requirements which guides the new users on what to focus on as to develop the necessary credentials for becoming a blockchain developer for beginners or a developer transitioning into blockchain development.
1) Bachelor’s Degree:
Most companies prefer developers to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or relative field to mathematics. This is not a compulsory requirement as organisations value the development experience far more to ascertain their value.
2) Object-Oriented Languages:
The security and trustworthiness of blockchain data come because of the blockchain data’s ability to be accessed by anyone.  Object Oriented architecture is the essential part of the blockchain. This requires a blockchain developer aspirant to learn and become thorough in C++, go lang, etc.
3) Work Experience: 
Most well-established organisations and some startups prefer that a blockchain developer has work experience. The work experience could range from anywhere between 0 to 5 years. As blockchain relatively new technology organisations prefer a candidate who has experience in software development. The work experience again is a preferred skill but as long as a candidate can show his/her determination to succeed in the blockchain development field through developing Dapps (decentralised applications) and learning and mastering new blockchain technology through tutorials. The deficiency of work experience can be rectified.
3) Hyperledger or Ethereum:
Organisations also prefer those developers who have a self-taught experience in one of the blockchain platforms. As blockchain is relatively and it’s not yet taught en masse at universities. The proficiency of working in one of the platforms such as Hyprledger and Ethereum. Hyperledger is more preferred due to its usefulness to enterprises in creating enterprise based blockchains. One can develop the skill required by going through online tutorials or you can browse through our website for the recommended list of tutorials.
4) Linux Platform:
It’s preferred to have experience in linux platform such as Ubuntu etc. As most of the blockchain development work requires command line interface and its dependence on open source framework. Linux is preferred even more due to its versatile ability to develop in hyperledger. As hyperledger is a preferred blockchain platform for most organisations.
5) Github:
Github is a preferred skill on any developer which organisations small or large look as the job requirement for. As most of the development work is done by multiple teams which are based all over the world. The proficiency in using github is a necessity for a blockchain developer.
6) Front-end:
The ability to develop software and write software in front-end web development languages such as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascade Style Sheets), Java, Javascript etc, is also one of the job requirements for becoming a blockchain developer. The ability to develop front-end web is essential in designing and developing blockchain-based applications.  As the language solidity is similar to javascript then this would be an advantage for blockchain developers to develop better software.
7) Smart contracts: 
Smart contracts are basically similar to the contracts in the real world. They are digitally stores rules and regulations which makes third-party confirmation of agreed term and executes the order. This ability and blockchain provide huge growth for Organisations as it eliminates middlemen and its transactional costs which provides a huge boon for the organisations. Developing smart contracts is a required skill for a blockchain developer. An experienced web developer can learn basics of smart contract within a day through tutorials.
8) Hashing and data structures: 
Blockchain stores all its data in the back end of it through the blocks which can be identified through Hash. The ability to understand the data structures and how the data is hashed is an essential skill for an aspiring blockchain developer. As all the input data in blockchain is stored as blocks in blockchain. It is essential for blockchain developer to use appropriate algorithms to store data as blocks in blockchain.
9) Knowledge of Solidity: 
Solidity is the language which is used in ethereum based blockchain platform to develop decentralised applications or Dapps. Solidity is is required skill which is sought after organisations especially start-ups who are in designing of applications on ethereum platform for the distribution of decentralised applications.
10) Constant Reskilling: 
As the 21st-century economy is becoming more skill oriented and more specialised and with it the changing demands of the job economy. It is the willingness to learn new skills which are favoured mostly by organisations. As technology changes every few years, the organisations look for individuals who are constantly reskilling themselves to keep up with the job market. As blockchain is just in its initial stages, an ability for the developer to keep up to date with new practices with blockchain based technology will be a favoured skill for potential employers.
These above are some of the most required skills for a blockchain developer to have in his/her CV. You can also search for blockchain developer related work at our jobs page.


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