Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies

Blockchain is taking virtually every sector of the market by storm. The effects of blockchain are far from understood and it has barely scratched its potential.
Did you know? Blockchain is distributed decentralised public ledger which has immutability of its data, as all its transactions are easily verified if it’s a public blockchain. Blockchain has a huge potential. Its framework and smart contracts, it has the ability to be utilised in every major industry combined with its potential for the security of data and scalability and eliminating middlemen’s transactional cost offers a bright future. With so many advantages, both institutions and Governments across the world are focusing on blockchain and use cases based on it. Below is our list of blockchain development companies which are leading the innovation in the blockchain sphere.

1) Ethereum
Ethereum platform by ethereum projects is rapidly becoming the major smart contracts based decentralised platform. The platform which runs smart contracts without any downtime, third part interference and censorship. The blockchain is specially designed to run smart contracts based applications on a shared powerful global infrastructure that can move around value. Developers of Decentralised applications can create applications which can offer major needs in the market and eliminate the need of the middleman. Ethereum hence is becoming one of the rapidly growing blockchain companies in the world.
2) Ripple
Ripple is the company behind ripplenet which offers the only enterprise blockchain solutions for global payments. Ripple through its network connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates through ripplenet to create a seamless experience to send funds globally.
3) Coinbase
The company is based in San Francisco, California. Coinbase is a website which provides services of digital wallet and also provides a platform where consumers and sellers can exchange and transact their currencies such as bitcoin, ehtereum, etc.  Coinbase provides services to buy, sell and manage one’s digital currencies. It has quietly gained the reputation of being the major player in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere.
4) Blockchain
The blockchain organisation has built up its reputation as the world’s leading software platform for digital assets. The organisation focuses itself in building the largest blockchain platform for the use of new technology to build a completely different financial system. It has become number #1 resource to analyse blockchain due to its position as a leading blockchain researcher in the market. Blockchain is building up an ecosystem where the all the major services related to blockchain could be found. The organisation is also leading in the development of blockchain platform.
5) Bank of America
Bank of America which has the MasterCard credit cards under it. The bank is slowly but steadily building a portfolio of patents relating to blockchain based technology. The bank holds the highest number of patents in blockchain of totalling to 43. The bank is also hiring developers constantly and developing various blockchain related software which could combat many traditional problems in the banking sector.
6) Toronto Dominion Bank
This is a multinational bank which is based in Toronto, Canada. It is one of the early banks in the country to adopt blockchain based technology and the digital assets in financial services. The bank is one of the largest blockchain patent holders and is on its vision of making banking more economical and secure through the use of blockchain.
7) IBM
International Business Machines (IBM) has been heavily investing in blockchain development for past couple of years. IBM also has a significant number of patents which is also a potential of earning income through leasing its intellectual property in the blockchain. IBM is also hiring tens of blockchain developers across the world.
8) Chain
The website provides a database for the token economy. The company is based in San Francisco. The company focuses on building cryptographic ledgers that provide innovative financial products and services. The company’s newest creation is “sequence” which provides “ledger-as-a-service” that enables organisations to securely track and transfer balances in a token format.
9) Red Hat
Red hat has been forefront in the blockchain revolution. Red Hat has continuously created new blockchain projects. The company’s been partnering with financial technology start-ups to push forward the adaption of the blockchain applications. The company has been filing many patents related to blockchain.
10) Dell
Dell has been continuously providing cost-effective and reliable personal computers for years. Dell is certain that blockchain is one of the future-defining technologies. In a commitment to its vision of blockchain future, it has been building up development in the sphere by filing patents in being in top 10 companies of blockchain patents filed in the United States of America. The company also focused on providing customers with the support and help necessary to adapt to blockchain technology and its related practices.


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