Top 10 ICO White Paper Writing Services

Most blockchain startups have started the practice of issuing initial coin offerings or ICO. ICO is a way through which startup try to raise cash through an unregulated way. Compared to the previous practice of raising money through heavily regulated venture capitalists or banks. ICO is basically a practice where a startup offers its cryptocurrency at a discounted rate against their startups’ company value as a “token”. Another way is to offer the coins backed by other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ether, etc. However for a successful ICO to take place there needs to be a good white paper which needs to stand the scrutiny of potential investors.
Below is our list of top ten firms which provide excellent white paper writing and marketing services
1. BitExchange
BitExchange is one of the top ICO whitepaper writing services that have consultants and content creators who have prior experience in writing business plans, VC Executive summaries and whitepapers for some of the Top startups in the world. They derive these experience from working with VC firms like Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures and some famous startups. Equipped with the know-how of the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and other current trending technologies, their narrative is clear, concise and well structured to help anyone understand what your project is about as they strike a balance addressing both key technical and crucial business points.
2) Hash Consultants
Hash consultants offer services in setting up the company’s ICO need through their crypto issuance platform. The company helps startups to set up their own cryptocurrency and also guides organizations into building their own ICO contracts. In addition to offering white paper writing services, they advise startups in building assets backed by crypto securities. They also advise on being properly aligned with meaningful market capitalization compliance and providing other regulatory and legal aspects.
SAG IPL is an IT company based in Jaipur, India. The company provides a variety of content and tech writing services with a huge focus on white paper writing. They also organize and advise to startups on ICO campaigns. The company also offers white paper marketing and editing services. They have a professional team of white paper writers who look in every aspect to make an ICO successful.
SIX PL is an Indian IT firm founded by Saket Kumar Singh who is a successful digital marketing strategist. The company has generated over 12 million dollars in profit for its more than 480 clients through digital marketing. The company has experience of writing over 100 white paper for various startups working on various innovative blockchain projects. The white paper writers are themselves expert bitcoin and other such cryptocurrency investors who are up to date with the latest updates in cryptocurrency world.
5) Coingraph
It an international agency which works with blockchain technology companies. They provide white paper writing service along with other services related to it. The company offers an exclusive and strategic marketing, legal and PR solutions for the startups ICO process. It offers guidance and help in every step of the startups ICO process. They have a network of global investors and associated who make help making the ICO a success.
Its a professional white paper writing startup. The team consists of experienced finance and tech writers who have decades of experience and is headed by their CEO, Rebecca Rachmany. Rebecca is a technical marketing writer and editor with over 30 years of professional experience. The startup provides industry standard white paper writing service. The team focuses on understanding thoroughly of the startup’s goals and its structure and whether they can provide the right service. The company has experience in writing over a dozen white papers.
7) Token Karta
Token Karta provides services of professionally written white paper which covers all the main criteria’s of a successful ICO. The company has a team of experienced technical writers. The team of technology writers has a background and deep understanding of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
8) Icocopy
It is an international company with its staff based on all over the world and who have a decade of experience in technical writing and pioneer in ICO white paper writing. The company offers the service of writing the initial coin offering white paper from the scratch. The company also offer proofreading and editing service for the ICO white paper. The company also offers the creative copywriting for the startups’ website related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
9) Brafton
Brafton provides the service of white paper writing for ICO’s. The company after receiving an approval of the outline for the white paper. It will survey the existing data followed by getting research from trusted sources. After the approval of the first draft, the company will then offer a proper white paper for the ICO.
ICO technology solutions limited is a company based in New Zealand. They are ICO technology company with over 80 employees. The staff have comprehensive experience in ICO technology. They have helped over 160 businesses in ICO and web development services. ICOTS provides an extensive help in white paper writing and other ICO related services.
Did you know? A well written white paper is all it takes to make an ICO tremendously successful or end up going unnoticed. Many startups make the mistake of writing a too technical or poorly described white paper. This leads to poor appreciation from the investors and potential investors who will judge the startup solely based on the merits of its white paper. An ideal Whitepaper provides detailed insights to the potential investors about the future of the project. It showcases the company’s business plan, detailed fund utilization plan, why they should invest in the startup and the potential returns once the startup succeeds in achieving its profitability. Which is why picking the right whitepaper writing service (Though may turn out to be expensive) makes more sense.
Know any other ICO Whitepaper writing service providing company, let us know in the comments, we’ll add them to the list. 🙂


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