Top 10 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Forums

One of the best ways to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies is by interacting with the community. Crypto and blockchain discussion related forums are perhaps the most dependable sources, for one to get insights concerning any notion in digital assets.

With the significant growth of cryptocurrencies, there has also been a surge in the number of rumors concerning these digital assets.

Here in this article, we’ve gathered some of the best online forums to discuss everything related to crypto and blockchain.

Top 10 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Forums

1.Bitcoin Talk

Bitcoin Talk is considered as an official bitcoin community built by bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin Talk is at the top of the list for all the crypto enthusiasts, as the forum features a dedicated section for other altcoins as well.

The forum caters to hundreds of visitors who actively interact on altcoin projects, ICOs, tokens, announcements, and mining of other cryptocurrencies.




Reddit takes the second position on our list of most popular discussion forums for blockchain and cryptocurrency. The fascinating thing about Reddit is that it has an upvoting option for questions like the answers. And here only the upvoted questions receive answers, while the management eliminates questions with maximum downvotes.

As of now, the platform has over 900,000 active regular readers.


3.Cryptocurrency Talk

Cryptocurrency Talk is in some ways similar to BitcoinTalk, as both forums are fused with almost exact features. The forum hosts the latest announcements on ICO, altcoins, and airdrops. The forum hosts news and discussions about digital assets, blockchains, technology, and events. The platform currently accounts for more than fifty thousand users regularly.


The site has a relatively smaller user base, that accounts to more than 20,000 active users. The small and dedicated team of the forum has now made the platform as one of the most likable crypto related discussion forums.

One significant issue with is its bias towards Bitcoin Cash, a reason which has deteriorated its user base.



Medium is a microblogging platform which allows users to share their point-of-views on numerous topics. In recent times, the platform has emerged as one of the essential bitcoin and cryptocurrency discussion forums. Medium consists of articles both from professional investors and crypto veterans. The platform packs high-quality articles, which results in readers following the forum for valuable insights.



At number six is Quora, which just like Medium is a discussion site allowing users to post questions on a number of topics. Nevertheless, Quora does not just cater to blockchain discussions; it offers the users of the platform to write their concerns and perspectives as well.

Unlike Reddit, Quora does not feature an option of upvoting the questions. Users can find the most basic appropriate answers for the questions they search for.

Quora, for many, has become the go-to option for most of the queries people might have.


7.Bitcoin Forum

Bitcoin Forum is a well-known crypto platform that operates in association with The forum has sections for bitcoin that feature discussions on topics like Bitcoin news, business, international, projects and much more. Although Bitcoin Forum is exclusively for discussing bitcoins, there is a section for altcoins too.

The site draws hundreds of visitors who actively engage in discussions on altcoins, ICOs, tokens, mining of other cryptocurrencies.



Stack Exchange was initially developed for the developers, but soon after the concept of cryptocurrency gained popularity, the crypto community has expanded to the general masses. The site has a grading mechanism for the thousands of questions it hosts regularly. Similar to other platforms, answers with top priority get more preference here.


9.Litecoin Talk

With regards to functional architectures, it is quite similar to Bitcointalk. Litecoin Talk came into existence in the early days of cryptocurrencies. The forum concentrates on discussions only towards the development of Litecoin.


10.Doges Door

Doges Door exclusively hosts discussion related to DogeCoin; also is popular among the DogeCoin enthusiasts. The community remains to be highly active, given the fact it is smaller in comparison to other communities. Also, it has an option for users to pour in some donations.



If you wish to learn or gain further insights on cryptocurrencies or blockchain, you can visit any of these any time. Although, every single platform claims to provide the most genuine of crypto-related information correctly. Few sites that are not listed here offer information for personal gains in the community.


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