10 Must have Tesla Accessories.

Following is a list of hand picked Tesla Accessories that every proud Tesla owner should have in the car.

As far as the hunt for the best dash cam in terms of video quality goes, the BlackVue models are the best you can get. This two channel model has a small footprint and looks neat when wired properly to sit behind the rear view mirror. The front camera delivers very clear picture that can help you read license plates in daylight and the night time pictures are fairly good. The rear camera has a lesser resolution but still captures decent quality video. In addition to excellent video quality, the camera supports memory cards upto 128gb, has built-in WiFi, mobile app for remote viewing while the cam is in parking mode, motion and impact detection capabilities. The videos can also be backed up on to the cloud storage. The cylindrical form factor of the camera allows it to be rotated 360 degrees for a versatile usage.
Tesla accessories Dashboard Camera

If you are a shopaholic or a Travel Junkie, the Tesla has a large rear trunk space of 750 Liters which allows you to lug a lot. This nifty Trunk organizer from Topfit fits the boot perfectly and has four large compartments, out of which two have an aluminium lining with zipper to keep your foods hot, cold or fresh. These compartments have many side pockets which come handy to store magazines, electronic devices and other knick-knacks. This product is of good quality and is completely collapsible if need be. One of the must have Tesla Accessories to keep your trunk tidy.
Tesla accessories trunk organizer

This License Plate Frame has nice looks and quality at a cheap price. The mirror finish looks very elegant with Tesla Logo laser engraved on it rather than cheap vinyl  decals that peel off in weeks. The frame sits right over the License Plate for easy installation as opposed to sliding type frames. It comes with 2 chrome screw caps to hide away the screws. This shiny plate holds the 3rd position in our list of must have Tesla Accessories.
Tesla accessories license plate

The Tesla model S are amongst the fastest accelerating cars putting many sports cars to shame. These red caliper covers from Evanexx better compliments the Tesla’s performance and sporty stance. The caliper covers are available in sets of 4 or 6(for those emergency brake drums at the rear). The covers are easy to install and would help reduce dust from brakes. The bright red color gives a macho image to the car and is sure to turn heads. This fits Tesla Model S from December 2016 to the latest 2017 models. For sure this is one of the most stylish Tesla Accessories.
Tesla accessories Red Brake Caliper Covers

The Trunk mat from official Tesla website and the one from Weathertech are the same and costs from $150 to $200. This one from ToughPRO costs less than half of the original one, but does the job quite well by offering good fit and build quality. The mat has a honey comb textured pattern that offers excellent grip and takes care of the spills. The mat has pointed spikes underneath so that it doesnt skid on the floor. Holds the 5th position in our list of essential Tesla Accessories.
Tesla accessories trunk mat

The R-Zentric Fender kit with side skirts for the face-lifted Model S is a beautiful addition to an already aggressive   makes the car look race-ready and instantly aggressive. This renders some muscle and a low slung look also aiding in handling characteristics of the car. The car feels more planted with improved cornering abilities owing to the down-force created by these fenders and skirts. This Tesla Accessory gives your car a more sporty look.
Tesla accessories Fender kit with Sports Side Skirts

This cargo net is to be tagged to the hooks in the front trunk of the Tesla.  This net allows you secure things in place and prevents them from tossed around. The nets are of fine quality and elasticity is good too. You are sure to like the utility these nets can give you and free you from that annoying noise of bottles and stuff rolling in the trunk. One of the most essential among this list of Tesla Accessories.
Tesla accessories front trunk net 2017

Tesla’s high tech Touchscreen takes pride of place with all the controls built into it. It is built to be futuristic, cutting edge and revolutionary. Heat build up is the main culprit that kills expensive electronic devices like dash cams, touchscreens etc., especially when the vehicle is parked directly in the sun in peak summers. This Heatshield sunshades by Protrim Inc is a made in USA product that is very functional preventing heat up of the dashboard. It can be rolled up and held in place by a velcro tie when not in use. In addition to offering great protection to the devices it improves the effectiveness of air-conditioning after a long hault under the sun.
Tesla accessories Model S Heat shield Sunshade

Tesla has one of the funkiest, luxurious and also minimalistically designed interiors that has revolutionised the way car interiors should be. This minimalism, though elegant in its own right might be short of utility for some folks. Especially the center console which is so plain that things slide back and forth. This organizer from Topfit has two cup holder slots, one sunglass holder, two compartments, a larger and a smaller one and a crevice for mobile phone storage. What’s more, it fits neatly onto the center console of the Tesla Model S. It is one of the best accessories for Tesla model S that can be had for 1/10th or even less of the price of the one from Tesla. This organizer holds the 9th position in our list of essential Tesla Accessories.
Tesla accessories center console

We all love our Tesla’s and we love to keep them in pristine condition, without dust and dirt pile up. Weathertech Floor liners do a great job in protecting the floor from liquid and gravel. The grooves work really well to let liquids to be channelized to a reservoir for easy cleaning and the raised edges prevent dirt from falling out into the cabin. This set of floor mats are laser-cut to snugly fit the floors of the driver, passenger and the second row seats. The material used is good quality plastic with a rigid base and offers good friction on the carpet. This set is compatible with Tesla Model S 2012-2014 models. These Mats is for sure a must in this list of required Tesla Accessories.
Tesla accessories weather mat

Tesla has a Panoramic Sunroof for those helluva ego trips and gives an airy feel inside the cabin when the glass panel is closed. The Topfit Sunroof sunshade has a perforated design that does a fine job of insulating the cabin from direct sunlight and keeps the interiors cool. They are made of high quality fabric and can be stored easily. It is one of the must have accessories if you really want to enjoy daylight and stay comfortable at the same time.
Tesla accessories Sunroof Sunshade

The key fob is one thing that is easily damaged by accidental drops, water spills, dirt etc., These silicone key fob covers offer excellent protection from day to day abuse. They feature markings for the various buttons of the key and has a nice soft rubbery feel. These are available in a variety of colors to match your personality and style. This sleek and stylish Key fob is again a must-have Tesla accessory 🙂
Tesla accessories Silicone Key Fob Cover


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