Driverless Cars putting no end to employment opportunities!

Since it has been evident from the growing advancements in the field of autonomous vehicles, that they are our future. While this makes headlines, there is a whole new level of insecurities that people are facing. The major one is the fear of losing jobs if driver-less cars take the command.
Alone in the US, we have approximately 4 million drivers who have their whole sole bread on this job alone. In recent times, as ride sharing has taken the front seat, there has been an increment in the driver jobs. But soon by the year 2020, we will see all these dwindling big time. According to reports, we shouldn’t make generalizations as there are sectors where we might see a section of new skilled jobs. We might need people for mobility management services or remote monitoring. For all these to happen, we need to skill our drivers and other sets of employees. It will be a difficult phase but we need to make a sure shot plan to safeguard our job sets.
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