Top 5 Quorum Blockchain development companies

Quorum released by the financial giant JP MORGAN’s is an Enterprise-grade flavor of the Ethereum blockchain technology. Though an Open source project in it’s present form, the key focus of the Quorum blockchain is to offer stability and security for anyone building a transactional platform over it. Finding the right Quorum blockchain development company can help you build a platform in no time.
Level 10 Quorum blockchain development company (Check HERE)
Level 10 Quorum blockchain development company focuses on building globally scalable transactional platform using Quorum blockchain. Quorum blockchain development involves coming up with creative solutions that solve problems in the present transactional infrastructure. The cutting edge blockchain technology demands an experienced team of developers who build applications over the Quorum blockchain that are industry standard and can withstand any security threats. Customers of Level 10 have had a nice experience working with the Quorum blockchain developer team. Their Avg. rating based on the customer’s feedback would be 4.8/5
Quorum blockchain development company
AppyPie blockchain development company
Appypie Quorum blockchain development company has an experienced team of developers who have worked on projects based on Hyperledger, Blockchain etc. Appypie is a mobile first development company that has been in the business of helping businesses create android and iOS based apps. Appypie had built a drag and drop system to generate mobile apps easily. Their Quorum blockchain team plans to develop financial and transactional systems based on the Quorum blockchain. The company has quorum blockchain developers who are ready to be placed on a contract basis to work on projects that the customer requires. Customers of Appypie have had a nice experience working with the Appypie team. Their Avg. rating based on the customer’s feedback would be 4.5/5
Brainvire Quorum blockchain development company
Brainvire blockchain development company builds and manages financial platforms for large enterprises, small businesses alike. They have a four step approach to handle projects, they analyse the customer’s requirement, break it down into different modules, offer the timeline and start working on the project. Their Quorum blockchain developer team consists of top notch developers from various multi-national corporations. Brainvire is based in India. Customers of Brainvire have had a nice experience working with the Brainvire team. Their Avg. rating based on the customer’s feedback would be 4.2/5
Toshblocks Quorum blockchain development company
Toashblocks Quorum blockchain development company is one of the reputed blockchain development agencies. They have built some interesting blockchain and hyperledger based products that are in use today. Toshblocks builds innovative Quorum based solutions for next gen payment processors and cross border money lending platforms. Their Quorum blockchain developers have hands on experience building on platforms like the Finacle, Hyperledger and Electorum. Customers of Toshblocks have had a nice experience working with the Toshblocks team. Their Avg. rating based on the customer’s feedback would be 4.2/5
Waverley Quorum blockchain development company
Waverley Quorum Blockchain development company offers blockchain consulting to industries in Accounting, Retail, manufacturing, fintech and healthcare. Waverley has a decade long experience in most of the core technologies through which it has offered solutions in the past. Some of the other frameworks and blockchain platforms that this quorum blockchain development company develops on are Rust, Openchain, Hyperledger, HL Sawtooth. The team at Waverley has previously built a distributed ledger based accounting software.
Customers of Waverley software have had a nice experience working with the Waverley team. Their Avg. rating based on the customer’s feedback would be 4.0/5

A quick video explaining ‘ what is Quorum blockchain and what are it’s benefits?’

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is a Blockchain?
To understand the term and the technology, let’s split it into two words. “Block” and “chain”. In the present context, a block is a single record entry of a transaction that can be accessed publicly. A Chain is a link between the individual blocks. Many units of these blocks are linked through a protocol that allow them to communicate with each other, and they are collectively called as a blockchain. Blockchains primarily store every transaction data across other blocks and are designed in such a way that they cannot be manipulated easily. In the unlikely event that one of the block is compromised and a malicious entry is added, the other blocks are would compare with each other and verify the authenticity of the block.
What is Quorum?
Quorum is a modified version of the Ethereum Blockchain mainly built for Enterprise customer’s needs in the insurance, financial services industry. The makers of Quorum felt the need to make a permissioned blockchain platform which would offer the flexibility and power of Ethereum while enhancing its security and compatibility with other blockchains as a basic standard. The project is being developed by JP Morgan and the community of developers who constantly upgrade and work on bringing new features.
How does developing a financial platform on the Quorum blockchain impact your business? 
Fundamentally, the Quorum blockchain offers high speed and high throughput processing of transactions within a private network of blockchains where transactions are voluminous and meant to be private (for example, insurance and banking industry). Also, Quorum addresses various challenges that come in the way of financial industries adopting blockchain technology. This means that if you built your application on the Quorum blockchain, all the transactions done on it will happen faster no matter the volume and the transactions happen in a private network where only trusted blockchains would be able to access each other’s data. The blockchain also meets some of the industry standards for most industry it focuses on. Since it is continuously improved, they would add protocols in place to address other industries they envision Quorum would fit in. To top it all Quorum is an Open source framework.
What are the industries that Quorum is built for?
Quorum is presently built for the banking, non-banking financial institutions like the insurance and lending industry mainly, but can also be used in other industries where high volume transactions and smart contracts are involved.


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