Top 5 Hydra Blockchain development companies

If you’re looking to build a permissioned payments infrastructure based on the Hydra blockchain, you’d need to hire the right Hydra blockchain development company that can convert your idea into a proof of concept product. We’ve listed some of the best Hydra blockchain development companies based on the customer ratings.
Level 10 Hydra Blockchain Development Company (Check HERE)
Level 10 Hydra Blockchain development company has built products that are decentralized and efficient. Most blockchain development companies do not go about a meticulous process of etching out all the possible solutions to sort out the customer’s business problem. Their Hydra blockchain developers have worked on low latency high volume transactional systems that are distributed in nature. Apart from this, they have worked on blockchain, Hyperledger, Openchain and Stellar implementations of payment and asset tracking systems. The services they offer are blockchain consulting and development, Proof of Concept product among other offerings on multiple distributed ledger technologies.
Hydra blockchain development
Binary Informatics Hydra blockchain development company
Binary Informatics Hydra blockchain development company enables small businesses to get on the blockchain bandwagon. Their accessible pricing for projects have made them approachable for small budget projects. Their team of hydra blockchain developers have built various systems for asset tracking systems for startups. Despite being a new entrant in the blockchain world, Binary informatics has worked on some interesting projects in a short span. The services that they provide are Hydra blockchain consulting, turn key solutions, white labelled blockchain development.
Orange Mantra Hydra blockchain development company
Orange Mantra Hydra blockchain development company is a certified blockchain development company that does development for interesting ideas and proof of concepts for moonshots. Orange Mantra started as a Web and mobile development company that builds scalable apps for consumers. Their customer experience with the team has been good. The services they provide are Blockchain consulting, Pilot projects, Custom blockchain development, Blockchain integration with already existing platforms and maintenance of completed projects.
Solulabs Inc Hydra blockchain development company
Solulabs Inc Hydra blockchain development company was instrumental in implementing some of the blockchain use cases in the governmental organizations and NGOs. Their hydra blockchain development team helps businesses transform from their current digital infrastructure to the futuristic blockchain technology. The services they offer are ICO development, Smart contract development, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Wallet development, Private blockchain development and Dapps development. They also offer solutions on Hyperledger and Multi-chain technologies.
Datanetiix Hydra blockchain development company
Datanetiix Hydra blockchain development company offers a streamlined, process oriented development approach for projects on the blockchain. Their expertise in Business intelligence and analytics allows them to build data intensive Artificial Intelligence oriented projects that require voluminous data processing at high speeds. Datanetiix provides analytics based products on the blockchain. The services they offer are blockchain consulting, infrastructure designing, development and maintenance and a turn-key ERP on Hyperledger blockchain platform.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is a Hydra Blockchain?
Hydra is a centralized network of distinct child chains that act and behave autonomously but is secured by a central parent chain. The technology allows anyone to start sub units under a main blockchain with its own set of rules and permission yet these sub units are connected and belong to the main blockchain. As opposed to traditional blockchains, the hydra blockchain can be configured to either have the entire data to be distributed or could only store it only on the particular side chain, thereby saving on bandwidth and data transfer.
What are the industries that Hydra Blockchain can impact? 
A successful model of the Hydra blockchain would be a cross border payments platform that enables people to pay for products and services provided to them. Hydra could be used for various use cases such as retail, mining, asset tracking, Artificial Intelligence, High Volume Data processing etc.
What are the features of the Hydra Blockchain?
Hydra lets anyone create the basic blockchain within minutes, with just a few clicks. Users can also create tokens on the platform (similar to Ethereum ). Most of the short comings of Ethereum have been addressed in Hydra.
Due to the nature of the Hydra blockchain, they can be used in various governmental processes and the protocol is scalable while processing hundreds and thousands of transactions per minute easily.
These are some of the companies we think might fit your bill. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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