Qualcomm And Ford Partners With San Diego To Test Driverless Cars

The San Diego County will now witness numerous number of trail runs for Driverless Cars, in association with Qualcomm and Ford Motor Company. Other tech firms are also known to hold certain value of interest in this project. The U.S. Department of Transportation named San Diego County this year as one of ten proving grounds in the country for driverless vehicles, with road tests to take place on the streets of Chula Vista.
This naming has further encouraged companies like Qualcomm, Ford, Nokia, AT&T and San Diego based McCain to deploy their wireless, computing and automotive technology here. Chula Vista city engineer Bill Valle said Qualcomm expressed their interest in testing driverless technology, virtually as soon as San Diego County was named a proving ground.
Valle says Qualcomm has already done a series of experiments in Chula Vista, to test its wireless communication. Further, early next year, UC San Diego is also expected to start testing driverless vehicles on campus, at first to deliver the mail door to door.
Qualcomm And Ford Partners With San Diego To Test Driverless Cars


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