Nissan Conducts Trials For Its Fully Autonomous Cars In Tokyo

Off late Nissan seems to be limelight more often than not and it isn’t complaining. Recently Nissan tested a prototype of its most advanced autonomous car on public roads in Tokyo with the final product due to be ready by 2020.

Labelled as ProPILOT, the system operates autonomously on urban roads and freeways using artificial intelligence from 12 sonars, 12 cameras, nine millimetre-wave radars, six laser scanners and a high-definition map. Developers say this allows it to analyse complex scenarios in real time and navigate even the most challenging city conditions such as crossing busy intersections.

Our next-generation ProPILOT prototype showcases technology that will be available for real-world use from 2020

– Takao Asami Senior Vice President, Nissan
Nissan tested the next-generation ProPILOT technology on a modified Infiniti Q50 sports sedan. Post December last year, Nissan has been using driverless cars to tow other vehicles around its production facility in Japan. The technology is currently being tested at Nissan’s Oppama production in in Yokohama, near Tokyo.
Nissan Conducts Trials For Its Fully Autonomous Cars In Tokyo



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