New Mexico In Talks For The Advancement Of Driverless Cars

State officials of New Mexico are cruising forward with their vision to create a future in which “self-driving” vehicles are thriving across all segments in the state. As changes are expected to surface across the various industries, people may look forward to sharing vehicles more often, rather than owning them. Also with fewer collisions, the insurance and medical industries will need some sort of restructuring too.
Keeping all this in mind, Senator James White’s joint memorial has created a DOT committee to study and analyze the new technology. The committee will then recommend changes to New Mexico’s laws, to allow the sale and operation of such vehicles.

We don’t want to be left behind, certainly. I can say about half the states have moved really fast, while some states have not. But if we need to be part as one of the players, we need to get in the playbook is what I’d like to say.

– Senator James White, New Mexico
New Mexico is one of several states that will participate in an experiment in the next few months involving trucks that communicate with one another and move in a “platoon,” allowing them to stay close together on a trip.
New Mexico In Talks For The Advancement Of Driverless Cars


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