Nebraska To Add Testing Sites For Self Driving Cars

Nebraska lawmakers could open the door to self-driving cars and trucks this year with a new legislation that is designed to attract the industry while maintaining public safety. The legislative committee assigned, will review two different proposals that would let researchers test self-driving vehicles in Nebraska and be prepared for the forthcoming decade.
The proposals come amid breakthroughs in automated vehicles, including a tech startup’s announcement last week that its self-driving truck recently completed a 2,400-mile test run from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Florida. These test-runs illustrate why Nebraska should consider legislation, said Kent Grisham, president of the Nebraska Trucking Association. With the technology expanding so quickly, Grisham said state officials need to consider its potential impact on other motorists and industries.

I think it’s healthy that Nebraska is looking at these bills, We don’t want to end up as the state that’s caught off guard when these fleets are testing vehicles in our backyard.

– Kent Grisham, President – Nebraska Trucking Association
The state is weighing up its various options, before it finally comes to a conclusion. Both the bills submitted, assess the various aspects of involving autonomous / self driving vehicles into the mainstream of the state’s operations. The bills also include a provision for the state to join forces with a private company for a pilot project.
Nebraska To Add Testing Sites For Self Driving Cars


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