Meet Tug, The Autonomous Hospital Nurse That's Helping To Save Lives

To attend to the major deficit of nurses, autonomous robots might be the answer that you are looking for. In hospitals across the globe, automation is helping out by helping to deliver food and drugs and do other mundane tasks. (Manufacturer: Aethon)
Meet Tug, a pioneer Robot Nurse that is making life inside many hospitals easier these days. Tug operates in a way that is similar to self-driving cars by beaming out lasers, that help it to plot its surroundings following a map of the hospital’s layout. And to help ease consumers’ concerns about the robots’ use in care, Tugs aren’t completely autonomous — they need help from their human counterparts to assist in certain situations.

This is the fascinating frontier of human-robot interaction. The robotic revolution is as much about getting the machines to adapt to us as it is about us adapting to the machines. Tug is rolling through more and more hospitals, and is making its way into hotels to make room deliveries. That might seem like an easier environment to conquer, what with there being very few urgent emergencies in hotels to complicate Tug’s operations.
Meet Tug, The Autonomous Hospital Nurse That's Helping To Save Lives


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