Top 10 Sources to Learn Ethereum Development from

Ethereum is the ledger technology which companies use to build blockchain-based applications. For an aspiring ethereum developer, the knowledge of this language is paramount.

Did you know? Ethereum and bitcoin use the same blockchain technology while bitcoin is just a currency whereas Ethereum uses its ledger technology to develop apps to provide services in many different fields. Ethereum works on smart contracts and most of its public nodes are written in solidity language.

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Below are our top 10 recommendations to learn Ethereum development from

1) Basics of Solidity

Bitdegree offers the course of basics of solidity. Solidity is the essential language required to run smart contracts on the ethereum network. The course is created by Bitdegree, it’s an online education platform which is powered by blockchain. The course is conducted by a veteran developer who guides through the necessary installations and basic steps to understand programming in solidity.

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2) Ethereum Primer

This course is focused on teaching the basics of Ethereum. The course’s main audience is the developers who are interested in building decentralised applications on the Ethereum blockchain. Due to the information overload with regard to the massive amount of content available online, this course aims to provide the basics of ethereum and give a starting primer to get into the field ethereum based programming. This is a short course designed to introduce new students and developers the absolute minimum of concepts and course required to get comfortable in programming in solidity and to build decentralised apps in ethereum blockchain based platform. The course is short and thorough.

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3) Ethereum Developer: Build A Decentralised Blockchain App

This tutorial is for the first time ethereum developer who wants to understand and respond to specific events related to ethereum. The udemy course will give an understanding and give an idea into to usage of the different type of datasets. The developer will be able to deploy the decentralised application and learn how to access and change data on the blockchain which will also give the user an advantage in developing a wallet which can hold funds on the blockchain. The course promises to give the user an understanding of the usage of truffle and angular and understand all the relevant aspects of solidity. The course will help a student who has limited knowledge in developing decentralized blockchain apps to become an early active adapter to build Ethereum based applications.

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4) Ethereum Smart Contract Development: Build Blockchain-based Decentralized Applications using Solidity

The book written by by Kevin Solorio (Author), Randall Kanna (Author), David H. Hoover (Author) about the ethereum smart contract development and the book highlights the difference between bitcoin and the Ethereum based ecosystem. The book teaches the different set of concepts so that a developer can get a perspective of blockchain based technology. The book focuses on letting users build their own ethereum based decentralised applications. The book gives a clear understanding of solidity language and focuses on the building the various blockchain-based applications such as a microblogging site, etc.  The book aims at those developers who have a background in cryptocurrency but still, it’s not mandatory.

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5) Solidity Programming Essentials: Quick start to Building Smart Contracts for Ethereum and Blockchain

The book written by Ritesh Modi gives a clear understanding of how to start building smart contracts in little to no time. The book teaches its users on how to build smart contracts in ethereum and blockchain. The book provides a basic essential guide for learning solidity programming language. The book focuses on teaching the smart contracts which are based on ethereum by using solidity programming language. This book is focused on those developers who are interested in getting started in an ethereum based blockchain technology. The book focuses on how to write, deploy, consume and test smart contracts in ethereum.

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6) Dapps for Beginners

Even though Dapps for beginners is a temporary site its aim is to develop into EthAcademy which will be Ethereum’s official site for developers who are interested in building apps on the ethereum platform. The website offers a lot of resources such as new tutorials, video guides and eventually interactive development lessons.

The course offers students and web developers alike to learn the basics and the relevant courses for beginners so they can build proper applications based on decentralised applications. The website is a treasure trove for new developers to start learning the basics of ethereum and build decentralised applications.

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7) The basics of Solidity by Ethereum Developers

The course focuses on teaching the basics of solidity to new developers who are interested in programming decentralised applications which can be used in ethereum. The course focuses on understanding the basic principles of writing smart contracts and developing applications related to it. The course focuses on teaching the solidity language so the developer can know how to deploy their first contract through inheritance and know how to use modifiers and simple contracts development. The course will also focus on the teaching students about how to instal ethereum wallet, clean the code of functions modifiers, how to build inheritance in solidity and other such ethereum related tutorials. The course is built by ethereum developers so that a wider audience of developers will be able to access and learn solidity.

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8) How to Learn Solidity

This is a step by step guide created by the website The website offers various tutorials regarding the basics of ethereum to understanding the complex processes required to master programming smart contracts. The website explains in a very simple terms so even a first time programmer can understand how ethereum works and learn the basics of ethereum programming.

The course also focuses on making the beginner developer understand various terminology related to blockchain and ethereum.

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9) Ethereum Pet Shop

This is an online free tutorial and workshop which guides the first time ethereum developers to understand and how the process works. It gives guidelines of how to install ethereum and through building a decentralized application for the pet store, the developer will learn the necessary skills to code in ethereum through this form of immersive learning. This tutorial is meant for those with a basic knowledge of Ethereum and smart contracts, which includes some knowledge of HTML and Javascript but are new to the coding of decentralised applications.

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10) Mastering Solidity

Solidity is the language which is used to build the decentralized applications on ethereum platform. The language is prerequisite for any developer who wants to build Dapps. The programming language solidity is similar to javascript which makes it easy for most developers to start learning and understanding how to write in solidity. The website has all the necessary information to master resources for programming in ethereum decentralised applications based on the blockchain.

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