GoldCrypto Guarantees Its Cryptocurrency Against Theft

In a first of its kind, GoldCrypto is protecting and guaranteeing its cryptocurrency tokens from any theft through hacking. Also in an unlikely event of any hacking theft, stolen tokens will be replaced. This positions GoldCrypto AuX tokens as a better than bank-standard cryptocurrency. GoldCrypto offers a gold-backed token with over a 50% premium in physical gold that keeps increasing over time. As well as having this token protected from hacking theft, it presents a rock-solid entry into the gold and cryptocurrency markets that is unmatched anywhere.

The GoldCrypto cryptocurrency security initiative is being implemented through the CryptoSecure Cryptocurrency Platform, which makes hacking and theft of tokens futile. Stolen tokens are rendered worthless in the hands of any cyber criminal and replaced into the victim’s account. GoldCrypto pre-purchases the gold bullion backing its AuX tokens through the Key Capital Corporation Mining Division. GoldCrypto has already pre-purchased over 13,000 ounces of gold. The Key Capital Mining Division team of specialists will monitor gold production from various mining interests through production, minting at Scottsdale Mint, and the final delivery to GoldCrypto-appointed vault storage.

GoldCrypto AuX tokens feature the following as the ultimate stand-out cryptocurrency:

  • Safe and secure. If hacked, stolen GoldCrypto AuX tokens are replaced
  • Backed by physical gold – starting at over US$0.30 in value per token
  • A better than gold-standard cryptocurrency
  • Gold backing continually increasing
  • Transparent blockchain
  • Decentralized and nationless
  • AuX tokens exchangeable for physical gold
  • Better than Bitcoin – AuX, the future of money

GoldCrypto Guarantees Its Cryptocurrency Against Theft


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