Event Ticketing Platform Launches Its Blockchain Based Mobile App

Blockparty, a US startup is bringing blockchain technology to event ticketing, has launched its new platform now available for download on the Apple App Store. The mobile app allows users to purchase event tickets easily, transfer them, and get rewarded for bringing friends, sharing events, and more. Blockparty’s native token, BOXX, has gone live within the mobile app and can be both used on tickets and earned via the platform’s reward scheme, the company revealed.
Blockparty aims to improve the ticket purchasing process for concerts, sporting events, and music festivals, by leveraging blockchain technology to address the issues and challenges that have been plaguing the industry including bots, ticket fraud, lengthy event check-in protocols, and predatory secondary market resellers. Blockparty eliminates the possibility of fraud and counterfeit tickets by using blockchain technology to ensure ticket ownership and attendee identity. The platform utilizes secure, encrypted facial recognition and fingerprint technology to validate tickets at the gate and ensure that only the true owner of a ticket can access it while allowing user identity to remain completely anonymized.

We want to rid the world of ticket bots and scalpers. We also want people to be able to easily transfer event tickets and safely purchase secondary tickets.

– Shiv Madan, CEO_ Blockparty
For event organizers, ticketing companies, venues, and performers, Blockparty allows them to deliver tickets directly to customers, set prices, rewards and discounts, as well as earn a share of secondary ticket sales revenues. Furthermore, the platform’s smart contracts eliminate bulk buying by bots and unfair re-pricing on secondary markets.


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