Driverless Cars Will Lead To Data Sharing Of The Electrical Kind

A new amendment to the UK’s Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill aims to make it mandatory for electric car charging point operators to transmit power consumption data to Britain’s National Grid. The amendment, tabled by transport secretary Chris Grayling, would make it a legal requirement for “charge point data” to be transmitted to the National Grid and local electricity distribution network operators.
The existing wording in the bill would limit this inspection to public charging points only, rather than including private ones and documents relating to them. Liberal Democrats, MP Wera Hobhouse has also tabled an amendment that would make it mandatory for councils, supermarkets, car parks, airports and railway stations to offer public charging points.
The Bill will define the insurance framework for future roll-outs of driverless cars on the streets of Great Britain, as well as other things such as imposing more sense on the country’s chaotic collection of charging points. Insurance companies have already shied away from a Parliamentary suggestion that they should pay out if driverless cars commit minor traffic violations.
Driverless Cars Will Lead To Data Sharing Of The Electrical Kind


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