Driverless Cars To Be On UK Roads 'By 2021'

According to the British Transport Secretary, Self-driving cars are expected to hit Britain’s roads as early as 2021. Chris Grayling the Secretary will present his draft before the Association of British Insurers to outline his ambition for the UK to lead the driverless car “revolution”. He is also expected to explain how he believes the new technology could transform the lives of elderly and disabled people who are currently unable to drive.
Mr Grayling, believes that a revolution is on the cards, that will transform the way every individual commutes to the way we buy, run, power and insure our future cars. There are major opportunities in this fast emerging market for those who are best prepared. It is estimated that the market for autonomous vehicles could be worth £28 billion to the UK by 2035. And so, the officials are committed to make their country become a global leader in the design, development and use of autonomous vehicles.
The Department for Transport said a survey found that 96% of older people believe a self-driving car would help them get out of the house more often, and a third of people with a disability say it would give them greater independence. A new compulsory insurance framework that covers automated vehicles will also be mandated as a part of measures in the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill which is going through Parliament.
Driverless Cars To Be On UK Roads 'By 2021'


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