Dashcams To Be A Part of All Tesla Vehicles

Telsa Inc is a company that has created a sudden surge in the Electric Vehicle and Autonomous Car market. Demand for Tesla cars has increased many-fold over the last couple of years. Tesla owners have been spoilt for choice, with the varied number of features that are available in each car. But for sometime now, owners have been complaining about the lack of a dashcam in the car. Heeding to the demand of its customers, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed on Twitter, that the feature will be implemented soon.
Technically speaking, multiple cameras have been present as a part of the Autopilot feature in a Tesla car, but just now a dashcam feature will be added in the way drivers wanted. The new feature was confirmed by Musk’s, “Coming Soon” tweet across the social media platform. Although, no specific date has been revealed thus far, with regards to launch of this new feature.
Dashcams To Be A Part of All Tesla Vehicles


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