South Korean Hospital to Use Blockchain Tech for Medical Information Services

South Korea’s largest hospital organization, Myongjo Hospital has partnered with local tech company BICube to develop a medical services platform based on blockchain technology. It is understood that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by both the parties. The two parties plan to use blockchain technology to create a healthcare information exchange system. According to the hospital’s release, the aim of the project is to “build a hybrid cloud [platform] that combines a public cloud and a private cloud.”
The medical information exchange service’s hybrid cloud functionality will allow patients to share sensitive medical data with other medical institutions upon authorization, without the data being stored centrally. And they plan to commercialize the service by 2019. With the patient’s agreement to release their medical information, the hospital will also provide its data exchange service through the inter-hospital blockchain to other hospitals online. During the information exchange process, the hybrid cloud plays the role of data relay, communicating between the patient and the hospital, and takes charge of various payments but does not store any medical information.

When a blockchain-based medical information exchange system is commercialised, it can prevent unnecessary administrative procedures as well as ensuring safety.

– Myongji Hospital Director Kim Hyung-soo
Although blockchain technologies are commonly associated with the virtual currency-based technologies, the hospital said that this project will use medical data and store new data, as well as prevent the data from being tampered.


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