Top 5 Corda Blockchain Development Companies

Looking for a Corda Blockchain Development company? We reviewed some of the best Corda Blockchain development companies around the world who provide blockchain development services for startups and Corporations who want to deploy Blockchain based products in a rapid manner.

  • LEVEL 10 Corda Blockchain Development Company (Check HERE )

Level 10 Corda Blockchain development company has built multiple platforms that use Blockchain as a foundation for their clients’ products. Apart from Corda, they have worked on Hyperledger, blockchain, ethereum etc. Working with some of the popular payment platforms across the world has made them familiar with financial laws and regulations of each region. They take extra steps to ensure that the product they are building for you respects these laws. The level 10 Corda blockchain development company has clients ranging from startups to governmental agencies that are modernising various departments. For startups, the Level 10 Corda Blockchain development agency accelerates their development process for Proof of concept ideas to help them raise funds from investors. Customer reviews of Level10 indicate that they provide excellent service.

  • KALIBROIDA CORDA Blockchain development company

Kalibroida corda blockchain development company was founded in 2015 by experienced technologists who have worked in the financial industry and technology industries respectively. They have worked on several proof of concept ideas. KaliBroida also owns TokyoTechie blockchain development agency. Kalibroidas’s expertise includes working on the SAP platform, SAP Successfactors, Salesforce and AWS. Kalibroida also provides on demand developers to be placed for your project.

  • GloryWebs corda blockchain development agency

Glorywebs Corda blockchain development company gathers its experience from various projects it has worked on earlier to build applications on the Corda financial blockchain platform. GloryWebs was founded in 2012 and it started out as a website building agency for small businesses. Their team has over 25 experienced developers who have worked on various web and mobile technologies to build various apps. Customer reviews indicate that Glorywebs provides good customer service and less / no disputes.

  • DEPEX development company

Founded in 2014, DEPEX’s  Corda blockchain development agency builds and manages products built on Hyperledger and Corda platforms for its customers. DEPEX deploys supply chain and financial assets tracking software over Corda based blockchain. The development agency also provides proof of concept solutions to raise initial round of funds from interested investors for startups. It also facilitates hiring of Corda blockchain developers in their team to work on your projects on a retainer model. This ensures that you can always be sure that even if your strategy changes and the platform needs a little tweaking, you always have a Corda developer who has the domain knowledge of working on your idea on demand. Customer reviews for Depex indicates that the company provides good customer service with less or no disputes.

  • Canopus Corda Blockchain development company

Canopus Corda Blockchain development company is based in India. They are relatively new to blockchain development. They have experience working with various web technologies such as PHP, MYSQL, Java and Nodejs.
Their most recent works include building a cryptocurrency wallet that accepts bitcoin and ethereum blockchain. Canopus deals with the banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing and retail industries. Canopus was started in 2017. Customer reviews indicate that Canopus offers good customer service (Experience calculated based on their previous projects)
Corda development company
What is Corda?
Corda by UK’s R3 is an enterprise financial blockchain platform that is based on distributed ledger technology (DLT). Corda blockchain allows the financial transactions to occur directly between two businesses without any friction through the use of smart contracts.
Though Corda has been in existence since 2016, the number of adopters of the platform is on the rise recently. Finding a good Corda blockchain developer or a Corda Blockchain development company is the key to building a great product. To help you finding the right team to work with, we have compiled a list of companies.
Lets take a look at some of the Corda Blockchain development companies.


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