China Ready Embrace Autonomous Driving With A Trillion Dollar Revolution

  • China is eager to develop smart cities to cater to an autonomous-driving revolution.
  • Nearly 300 Chinese regions and have already introduced projects for “smart cities” controlled by artificial intelligence that can be optimized for autonomous transportation.
  • In addition to autonomous driving, ride-sharing and ride-hailing services are projected to generate a collective $1 trillion in revenue by 2040.

China has started initiating programs in cities for an autonomous revolution that is expected to generate $1 trillion in terms of global revenue. Close to 300 Chinese cities and regions, including Xinjiang and Nanjing, have already introduced “smart-city” projects controlled by artificial intelligence technology to enhance daily life.
Other than the driverless car sales, the increased usage of ride-sharing and ride-hailing services are also projected to contribute $1 trillion in revenue for suppliers globally by 2040. China being the world’s largest market for electric cars, has sought to position itself to spearhead the future of autonomous driving.

The Chinese government can, and will, facilitate autonomous driving sooner than we will in the United States…

– Michael Dunne, president at US-based Dunne Automotive.
Shanghai is expected to build an intelligent-vehicle network covering about 62 miles (100 square kilometers) by 2020, the government said, adding that Shanghai will explore the possibility of connecting to major transportation junctions within the city.
China Ready Embrace Autonomous Driving With A Trillion Dollar Revolution


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