Cathay Pacific Group Launches Asia Miles Marketing Campaing Using Blockchain Technology

The Cathay Pacific Group and its rewards programme, Asia Miles, are launching their first application of smart blockchain technology in a marketing campaign, in collaboration with Accenture. The innovative technology is at the core of a new platform and mobile application for a newly launched Asia Miles dining promotion in Hong Kong – Unlock More Miles. During the campaign, Asia Miles members will have miles earned credited to their accounts on the following day. The beauty of this initiative is that it helps improve business efficiency by minimising back-office administration.
The Mobile App has been designed by Cathay Pacific and Asia Miles. It has been delivered by Accenture, using a mixture of deep blockchain, loyalty and aviation industry technology expertise. By harnessing blockchain technology, the Cathay Pacific Group and Asia Miles are providing Asia Miles partners a single data source when managing account activity. This allows Asia Miles, partners and members a near real-time ability to manage rewards.

Blockchain is helping industries across the globe to transform their workflows, making complicated business processes run more smoothly and efficiently, including enabling quick and seamless transaction settlements

– Peter Yen, MD, Accenture
As the Cathay Pacific Group actively pursues new technology, the use of blockchain defines the future of business using a transparent and secure transaction database. The company believes that the adoption of Blockchain Technology can aid their purpose by providing 3 core factors such as;
– Better experience
– Enhanced Engagement Level
– More efficient operation
Cathay Pacific Group Launches Asia Miles Marketing Campaing Using Blockchain Technology


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