Blockchain Technology In The Defense And Arms Sector

Given that blockchain now features heavily in any discussion about cybersecurity, it is unsurprising that military organizations across the world are taking an interest. Secure communication is one example of how blockchain military applications are proving their potential. The ability to relay communications securely between units is one of the most fundamental requirements for any military organization, particularly in times of war. Cybersecurity is obviously another huge consideration within the armed forces. However, decentralized ledgers, smart contracts, and related technologies also offer other intriguing opportunities to solve existing problems within the military space.
Some of the most influenced offerings of the technology thus far have been;

  • Military Drone Technology
  • Blockchain Battleships
  • Decentralized Weapons Control System
  • Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is the military term for what most of us would know as 3D printing. The US military builds prototypes and parts for weapons and vehicles using AM methods. The US Navy has already seen the potential that blockchain can bring to AM processes. Since 2017, it has committed to integrating blockchain within each step of an AM operation. Using a decentralized network in this way meets the requirements of the digital thread. It provides a secure, theoretically unlimited data store. It also allows the sharing of data across the entire AM process using the nodes in the network.
The blockchain military applications described here provide some insights into the direction that military operations could take over the next few years. Other areas where blockchain can bring value are likely to emerge – some of which may not be disclosed to civilians. The adoption of blockchain is gaining traction across many different sectors. It is inevitable that military organizations across the globe will want to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.



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