Blockchain Makes Used Car Salesmen The Most Trusted People On The Planet

Combining SAP Leonardo innovations, including IoT, machine learning, and blockchain, on SAP Cloud Platform is valuable to many industries. Companies can capture and analyze real-time data from any object with SAP Vehicle Insights. Using this information, they can provide their customers with new services. Historically people haven’t wanted to buy rental cars, but with blockchain, companies can prove how well a car has been treated including the number of accidents it’s been involved with, and if it was repaired properly.
Having such kind of data allows resellers to calculate the real value of the car, and gives buyers the ability to trust that value. Consider the cascading impact of these innovations. Drivers are incented to treat rental cars better. Car dealers and repair shops provide customized maintenance updates based on individual driving habits. People waste less time and money on unnecessary diagnostics and service, and manufacturer and car dealer efficiencies soar. Best of all, drivers can rest easy knowing they can trust that “new” used car in the driveway.
A vehicle running on the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation, is instantly recognized and the data from the car’s IoT sensors are displayed on the reciever device like an iPad. In a flash, one can see when the car was last driven, by how many people, and at what average speed. The software automatically captures and reports every move of the driver on the screen, using machine learning to analyze data from the IoT sensors in the car.


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