Blockchain Gets Yet Another Trusted Referral Network – 'Ponder'

Without a doubt, blockchain technology is the most significant disruptor we’ve seen since the creation of the Internet. Ten years from now, we’ll look back and imagine how we ever existed without blockchain technology, the same as we do now with the Internet. The importance of the blockchain is that it reduces the reliance on a third-party to verify transactions. Relying on another party requires trust and trust is not something we should grant lightly. Matter of fact, for most people, confidence lies only through referrals.
One platform that is at the center of all of this is Ponder. Ponder uses blockchain and gamification techniques to both generate trust among the participants and to make the process more enjoyable. By taking a mobile-first and a ‘referrer-first’ approach, Ponder helps attract more people to make referrals. Ponder is presently targeting three major areas:

  • Online Dating via The App  The Ponder App already has over 70k registered users in the US. With the app, users earn $10 if the couple that they recommend to each other become a match. If the couple marries, the matchmaker receives $1000.
  •  Ponder Gold Tokenomics – The folks at Ponder have realized that the same protocol they are using will be the basis for a “referrals on the blockchain” kind of system, using the PON token and technical mechanism. The PON token will be at the core of all referrals or matchmaking.
  • Ponder Gold Token Sale – Ponder is currently conducting a private sale and the public sale starts on July 1st. Both the private and public sales are for non-US residents only. Only those on the Whitelist can buy PON, and continue until July 31st.

Referrals are by far the best way to get new customers, employees, and for finding that perfect match. We believe Ponder is one of the most significant game-changing platforms to hit the blockchain space this year. With a strong team lead by CEO Manshu Agarwal and Chairman Michael Egan, PON could be one of the top token success stories in the crypto world. For more information, check out the Ponder website, Medium, and Telegram.
Blockchain Gets Yet Another Trusted Referral Network - 'Ponder'


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