Bitcoin Documentry Acquired By Blockchain Media Company At The Cannes Film Festival

Blockchain media company Slate Entertainment Group revealed its ‘seven figure deal’ on acquiring rights for a documentary about blockchain during the Cannes film festival. Slate intends to broadcast the documentary Beyond Bitcoin via its blockchain based online streaming platform Binge. The decentralized Binge platform provides low-cost, high-speed, high-definition media access for consumers worldwide, says the text of the press release.
During the Cannes festival in May 2018, Slate appeared at the center of the buzz surrounding blockchain technology and its potential to alter the entertainment industry. In Cannes, Slate announced their newly formed partnership with Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (Sitges), where Sitges will adopt its digital ticketing platform, Slatix, powered by the cryptocurrency SLATE SLX, for the purchase of tickets and festival passes.
Slatix is a blockchain-based, low-cost tokenized ticketing system that aims to provide benefits to consumers based on their loyalty. According to the press release, small and medium sized enterprises can benefit from Slatix’s low setup and operating costs, while the user-friendly app is intended to simplify DIY ticket distribution and redemption. Based in Toronto and Los Angeles, the Slate Entertainment Group has launched several media platforms on its own blockchain, including Binge and Slatix.



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