Autonomous Cars To Pave Way For A Massive Suburban Sprawl

With the incoming of autonomous cars, the world’s economy and lifestyle is all set to undergo a complete overhaul. The changes that are to come are beyond any common man’s vision. The vision that’s embarked for a decade from now is something like this,

It’s 2027 (or 2037) and the age of the self-driving car. City-dwellers have traded in their car keys for ride hails. Street parking has been replaced by wider sidewalks and bike lanes, while developers are busy converting garages into much-needed housing.

Quiet staggering imagining that isn’t it? Well, that’s just a piece of the pie; According to a recent report – Autonomous vehicles will encourage builders to push deeper into the exurban fringe, confident that home buyers will tolerate longer commutes now that they don’t have to drive. Construction costs are also set to decline when driverless trucks are used to transport materials.
Developers are already starting to target parking structures, gas stations and auto dealerships, with the hope that they’ll be able to redevelop the sites as car ownership becomes obsolete, with the introduction of autonomous cars.
Autonomous Cars To Pave Way For A Massive Suburban Sprawl


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