Argo AI Stacking Up Its Autonomous Cars Across The Pittsburgh Area

If you’re anywhere near the north or south side of Pittsburgh, keep an eye out for Argo AI’s self-driving cars. Off late many Autonomous Ford Fusions — often full of people; are said to have been whizzing down the area. The company for now isn’t picking up any passengers, but the testing locations and the riders are signs of what’s to come in 2018 for the self-driving startup.
According to Alan Hall, spokesman with Ford – Argo AI is working to “map new parts of the city” while training the vehicle operator team. “In most cases, the passengers in the backseat are trainees that are learning the safety processes, communications methods and overall operations,”
The move is on track with the company’s confirmations from late 2017: More cars on the roads and more hiring in 2018. Argo AI listed more than 65 positions with openings in Pittsburgh as of today. The startup also plans to move into new Strip District offices later this year. Argo AI and Ford also are also planning to launch a self-driving business to move people and things this year, and Hall said a city for that testing will be announced by the end of March.
Argo AI Stacking Up Its Autonomous Cars Across The Pittsburgh Area



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