Americans Are Petrified About Their Driverless Cars Being Hacked

It might be too early to take a call, but majority of American are being quiet skeptical towards the safety of autonomous cars. A recent survey conducted by the American International Group, found that the greatest concern with such cars is the; fear of being hacked in the course of the ride.
With over half a million passwords to car tracking devices being leaked just last month, over 75 percent of respondents were afraid that hackers could take control of their hypothetical future autonomous car leading to fatal outcomes.
Amongst the other major chunk of concerns cited, a majority of them would dissipate once the public is actually exposed or familiarized with such an advanced technology. So it is assumed that, consumers will come around to the idea as the technology proliferates across the industry.

The 1,000 people polled were almost equally split on whether they were comfortable sharing the road with autonomous vehicles, with 42 percent generally OK with it and 41 percent saying they had reservations, according to AIG. A plurality of 39 percent said they thought such vehicles would operate more safely than the average driver.

Surprisingly a couple of the respondents had a differential opinion, where they chose to stand on the view of what it’ll take to actually deploy driverless cars onto public roads, i.e, A decade or two!
Americans Petrified About Their Driverless Cars Being Hacked


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