Alphabet Finally Embraces The Blockchain Revolution

Google’s parent company Alphabet has finally come to terms, on adopting Blockchain Technology into their core processes. he Blockchain technology emerged in the past decade and has become increasingly embraced by large companies and small governments as a way to digitize records and simplify transactions. Since then, the technology spread to a plethora of existing and emerging industries, from public sector to advertising.
Alphabet recently announced that it has partnered with Digital Asset to extend “blockchain platform and developer tools” to its Google Cloud Platform.   Alphabet has been on a partnership spree to expand its Blockchain offering. Its entrance is now being regarded as a landmark event for the growing blockchain ecosystem and cements the continued investment in blockchain solutions for enterprises.

Google was the last major cloud vendor holdout without a blockchain offering and it’s great to see them join the Ethereum ecosystem.

– Sophia Lopez, Founder of Kaleido
Being a late entrant, Alphabet’s Blockchain offerings will compete with Amazon’s (AMZN) AWS and Microsoft’s (MSFT) Azure cloud services that already provide blockchain development tools. IBM and Accenture also have significant market shares. Through its strategic partnerships, Alphabet could help its client embrace Blockchain technology as well.


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