Top 5 Sequence Blockchain development companies

If you’re planning to build a SEQUENCE blockchain based application on any vertical be it payments, asset tracking or ridesharing or vacation rental; Entrusting the effort to a certified Sequence blockchain development company would ensure that everything goes smoothly. To help, we’ve picked the best Sequence blockchain development companies around the world for you.
Level 10 Sequence Blockchain Development company (Check HERE
Level 10 Sequence blockchain development company is a reputed development company that builds top notch business ready software on the blockchain for its customers. They develop software for the blockchain, Hyperledger, Tangle blockchain etc and handle end to end sequence blockchain development The agency follows industry standard coding practise and ensures all the security measures are in place. As part of their customer’s Proof of concept, they have already built a Ride sharing system that uses the SEQUENCE blockchain as the underlying platform.

Goldilock Sequence blockchain development company
After winning international awards for its design and development work for some of the projects the team has worked on, Goldilock sequence blockchain development company is foraying into blockchain development with its team of developers who make every effort possible to meet their customer’s  demands. Their Quality assurance team is impeccable and has highest levels of standards that each deliverable needs to meet before it reaches the client. The blockchain development agency is working on a set of tools for sequence blockchain platform that would decrease their project delivery time in half. The platforms they provide solutions are on Sequence blockchain development, hydra blockchain development, hyperledger development, Tangle blockchain development.
Consagous Sequence blockchain development company
Having a team of certified developers is most certainly one of the strong points of the Consagous sequence blockchain development company. Their developers know the nitty gritty of the developing a solution on the sequence blockchain as they have worked with governmental agencies, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are solving water crisis and other disaster management solutions. They offer solution on Blockchain, Hyperledger, sequence and hydra. Consagous is based in India and US.
Duplextech Sequence blockchain development company
Banking on its expertise in developing innovative solutions for the banking industry, Duplextech sequence blockchain development company now offers its customers various turn key payment solutions on the sequence blockchain. Their cross border payment systems are thoughtfully designed for easy use by people across the world. Duplextech makes afforadable solutions for startups without compromising on the quality. Hyperledger, ripple and sequence are some of the platforms they offer solutions on. The company offers blockchain consulting and development and ICO launch assistance. Duplextech is based in India.
Accucia Sequence blockchain development company
Latest but not least, Accucia sequence blockchain development company is one of the renowned blockchain development agencies around. With a strong team of 60+ sequence blockchain developers who are well versed in systems that power supply chain management on the blockchain, it has been awarded as one of the most costumer friendly blockchain development companies around. As part of their blockchain solution, they offer ICO app development, payment / cryptocurrency wallet development and cryptocurrency exchange development. Accucia has also builds Dapps for companies that need them. Accucia is headquarted in India and has branches in the US.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is a blockchain?
A Block is a single immutable (non-erasable) record that is created when a transaction is completed and verified by the distributed network. All the blocks are connected through a cryptographic link that the tamper proof id number of the previous block and the next block that it connects to. Together the whole network of these distributed, verifiable, non destructible records are collectively called as a Blockchain. Blockchains can also been seen as a non erasable, distributed database (it’s built that way)
What does a decentralized system mean? 
Decentralized means that the system is not moderated or controlled by one single entity / organization, rather the system is designed for carrying out a set of tasks by multiple entities on the system with equal roles and responsibilities. Example: A blockchain
What does a centralized system mean?
A Centralized system is designed in such a way that a single master entity controls, maintains and operates the entire system. Though there may be other smaller entities built into the system for carrying out tasks, they are moderated and controlled by the master entity.
What is Sequence blockchain?
Sequence blockchain is a distributed ledger technology by the chain group, that allows users to create payments system, supply chain systems and payment & ratings management for custom ride hailing applications developed on the Sequence blockchain platform.
Why should you build on Sequence blockchain?
Sequence blockchain makes it easy for developers to build scalable products on the platform. The platform is highly scalable and the robust blockchain APIs provide data that allows you to create applications very quickly with minimal development effort. Since the technology is contineously developed by the community, there would be regular update patches, feature improvements and security fixes that come through within a short span of time. These are some of the reasons to build on the sequence blockchain.


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