Korean Company Naver, Aims To Test Driverless Cars By Year End

Well if the autonomous industry wasn’t already booming with startups and other big names, Naver – A South Korean based Internet company, revealed its latest robotics and AI tech for the industry. The company’s Chief Technology Officer Song Chang-hyung, disclosed that it has been focusing on robotics research with the aim of developing autonomous cars, one of the hottest AI technologies.

Naver is paying attention to technologies that can enhance lives by understanding the environment of its users. We plan to invest aggressively in technology and hire good talents at home and abroad to make new technology innovations in the global market…

– Chief Technology Officer Song Chang-hyung
Naver has been critical with its investments off late, by focusing exclusively in the AI field. The company is hoping to be able to road-test driverless cars by the end of this year and is also planning on releasing a wearable device called AKI in January, which informs parents where their children are based on GPS technology.
South Korean Internet Company Naver, Aims To Test Driverless Cars By Year End


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