Ideas to Build Your Own Dapps

Decentralised applications are based on the same platform as that of the distributed ledger which stores all the transactions of bitcoin. Decentralised applications portray a rightful future which was envisioned when the internet came into existence. The future portrayed is that of truly decentralised and distributed network.
Did you know? Decentralised applications are applications which are stored in a peer to peer network where the data stored is immutable. The immutability of data means that no single person can tamper or hack the data. Another major advantage of the decentralised application is that there is no requirement of the third party to monitor the applications. The decentralised application is open source and that the data of the individuals is stored in cryptographic format. This added layer of security makes sure that the data will always be secure in control of the users. Anyone who is curious about blockchain and wanting to build their own first decentralised app or just plainly looking for inspiration have come to right place.

Below is our list of ideas for building your own decentralised application:-
1) IDCard
It is a first real-time blockchain which is anonymous and completely based on the ethereum blockchain platform. The social network provides an alternative to the web 2.0 of a social media which is controlled by few giant tech companies. The web 3.0 provides an alternative by running completely on blockchain and which is open source. IDCard is one example of this decentralised application which is providing an alternative to such a facebook. You can also create a decentralised application which provides an alternative to social media. To learn more about learning and building in ethereum you check our tutorial page.

Check IDCard:

2) Crypto Social Media Shop
This is a decentralised application which is based on the ethereum platform. The dapps is a game where the users can buy fictitious social media assets. The social media assets such as buying a stake in the companies like facebook, twitter, tinder, reddit, etc. The dapps provides the user to buy these assets and sell it at a later date to make a profit. The game is innovative and takes a new perspective towards social media and games. You can also build such an application on the ethereum and create a fusion of stock market and social media.

Check CryptosocialMedia shop:

3) CryptoMovies
This decentralised application on ethereum has a twist. The dapp is a game where the users can trade movie token cards. The game focuses on trading movies which you own. Any user can buy a movie from you as long as they pay to double the amount of what you paid. This is a game where movie contracts are traded as long as one user is ready to pay more than the other user. Games like this could only be possible in the blockchain. As long as the players are buying the smart contracts executes itself. The players tend to make money as with every movie sold they are earning double the price. This game could be used to create your own game in a different format such as music etc as your inspiration to build your very own decentralised application.

Check Cryptomovies:

This is a game of property investments. The game is where every user starts as a small time investor who will invest in a crypto real estate with cryptocurrencies. The game uses strategy so that early investors can invest up to a certain point and beyond that, the funds will invest itself. The cryptocurrency game combines real estate with cryptocurrencies. This is also a great idea for first-time decentralised application developers who are interested in building their own version of this strategic, intrigue based game.

Check ETHTown:

5) Userfeeds
This is a decentralised application which focuses on building social media experience for the users alter cryptocurrencies reality. This gives live user feeds to your anonymous crypto account where you can create your crypto identity and be part of a decentralised social media. This is also another idea for would be dapp developer or entrepreneur who is interested in building a social media decentralised application which offers an alternative to present-day social media platforms.

Check UserFeeds:

6) Decenterland
This is a game which is based on the ethereum blockchain. In the game, the users get to own a small piece of land and there is a limit to the availability of the land. This gives users an advantage over other users as the more creative use of land creates more profitability for the user. The game is also another example of how and where the blockchain could be used to build a decentralised application where users can create and power that blockchain and create profit.  This gives another advantage for blockchain developers to create a similar app.

Check Decenterland:

7) Axie Infinity
This is a game where the players can collect and raise fantasy creatures called Axie. This game is based on the ethereum platform. The game is also used to battle the axies. The axies could be bought, sold and traded to make a profit on ethereum. This game is also an idea to build your very own ethereum based decentralised application. You can use this model to make a decentralised application of your own.

Check Axie Infinity:


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